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Anélle Coetzee

Personal Stylist in Paris

Dress For Yourself, Just To Feel Good!

Look WOW, Each and Every Day. You Owe It To Yourself. Life Is Too Short!

Need to know what my clients are saying? Read reviews from past customers who’ve worked with me in France. If you want to get a quick sense of what working with me is like, read the portions in red!

"Just finished up a closet styling session with Anélle Coetzee and it was great! I have heard Anélle speak on several occasions at Living Skills, but have never had her come to my house for a session. I was gong to go out and buy tons of clothes because I felt I had nothing to wear this Fall. No need for that now!! Anélle and I went shopping in my closet and found lots of looks for the season! I cannot even begin to think of the money I saved! I highly recommend her services. It's the best investment I have made in a long time!"

Diana Holman

"Okay. This is a seriously great woman and an awesome service.

I fell in love with her very down the earth, not consumerist approach to closet refreshment :-)

So basically, I had a few pieces of clothes here and there, no time to shop, which I don't enjoy, and a little bit of frustration around the eternal jean-T-shirt combination. I now have a whole series of original, unique and comfy outfits, that I can chose from. I learned some probably very basic but to me completely unknown fashion wisdom, I felt seen and understood, not boxed in, I had a great time and I have added only a few basic pieces to my wardrobe, for less than 100 bucks.

Thanks @acpersonalstylist Anélle!"

Agathe Pin, Facilitator & Coach

" Thank you thank you thank you!

What a fabulous afternoon I spent with Anélle. I didn't realize how many outfits I had hanging in my wardrobe until Anélle put them together for me. She totally got my style, and I felt and looked great in everything she made me try on.

I actually look forward to getting ready to go out now, as I know beforehand, exactly what I will wear!

Cant wait to do it all again in the summer!!!!

Absolutely worth every penny!"

Stacey Bouland, Personal Trainer

" Anélle, you are truly kind and helpful. I really appreciated your passion, personal service, all the extra time you spent, extra services like bringing a dozen bags for me to look at. All of your emails and texts, comments on my Facebook, etc, made me truly feel like you were thinking about me and caring about my needs. What could have been an exhausting process turned out to be a lot of fun."

Robin Goldstein, Microsoft

“Since my session with Anélle, I have received many, many compliments… While the compliments are nice, the best part of working with Anélle is how I feel when dressing every morning. I am excited as I face my closet instead of being filled with dread, and I feel better in my skin.”

Jo Hutton, Busy Mum

“I couldn’t be happier with the experience and didn’t know I had so many options in my closet.”

Greer Schneider, Attorney GE

“I was thrilled with how far Anélle got me in such a short time…I went off to work the next day looking and feeling great and got complimented without having bought a thing.”

Victoria Ward, Teacher

“I had a closet full of clothes but always felt like I had nothing to wear. Anélle not only helped me sort out my closet, but she helped me put together over 80 outfits in just a few hours! I'm now excited to get up in the morning and put on something that feels like new, even though I had it all along!

"In addition to the styling tips and outfits she helped me put together, Anélle made me realize that life is short and I need to have fun with fashion! Grab a cute scarf or fun earrings, and don't wait for the perfect occasion to wear that special outfit...put it on today!”

Stephanie Helminger, Busy Mom of 3 Boys 

“Dear Anélle, thank you so much for the consultation. You understood my style immediately, and you have given me a dozen new outfits just by showing me how to put together my clothes in ways that had never occurred to me, and suggesting a few additional basic items that open up my entire wardrobe. Your advice has been worth every penny. Thank you!”

Will Finn, President of Johnson & Johnson, France Consumer Goods

“I thought the Tea & Style was very well done and I would certainly attend one again in the future. The handouts were really valuable, especially the trends this year and scarf-tying tips.”

Anon, Mum

“This was a new world that was opened to me! I was amazed with the amount of different combinations you found with just a few items that were in my wardrobe and that would never cross my mind to put together. I was also very surprised and pleased to see that your shopping list suggestions were very accessible price wise. One moment I had a person I didn’t know going around my wardrobe, suggesting changes, and in less than a day you did what I had been willing to do for more 6 months!”

Ana, Mum

“The shopping day was a rewarding experience. You had a wonderful approach and went quickly around the store picking out clothes that flatter my body shape. The suggestions you gave me really helped me realize that picking the right style was important. Overall, you made good choices and I really enjoyed trying on a few new style items. The most important thing for me was to listen on how I could add details to make my outfit look even nicer on me. It was an opportunity to hear an expert give advice.”

Linda Franco, Teacher

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